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Contemporary Art Fairs Reading

Updated: Jan 26, 2019

Contemporary Art Fairs were originally established in Windsor in 2005 and now run across three cities in the UK, offering spaces for artists and art lovers to meet face to face. Operating in Windsor, Surrey and Reading, the organisation aims to deliver a relaxed, informal fair, offering affordable works direct from leading contemporary artists and award-winning galleries. In a couple of weekends time, the Contemporary Art Fair Reading will welcome over 160 artists to the Rivermead Leisure Complex, and we’re excited to say that two of them are friends of Artizan!

South Devon artists Jo West and Kirsteen Titchener will both be a long way from home in Reading on April 21st and 22nd, but they certainly won’t be out of place as they offer their exceptional work to this forum. Jo first exhibited with us back in 2017 as she introduced her uplifting colour changing resin works to the Bay. Inspired by the beauty of nature, works sparkle (literally!) with life, each finished with dried flowers, semiprecious stones, and gold and silver leaf to create truly lavish decorative pieces. Floral landscapes, sunsets and whimsical woodlands are, quite simply, charming with a naïve style and bright palette. Kirsteen, joined us for the first time in February of this year when she exhibited her work “The Grip” as part of our explorative showcase “The Art of You”. Working in contemporary photography, she uses photomanipulation and composite techniques to create beautiful and unusual portraiture works and scenescapes, with every element used from her own original photography. Each work offers an arresting reality, impossible compositions captured with subtle but perfectly executed digital techniques to create flawless illusions, with many pieces gaining awards recognition. But not all is magic, as, drawing on a background in psychology, Kirsteen uses the works to reflect the depth and fragility of human emotions.

Both artists are currently exhibiting with us at the Cockington Court Kitchen Gallery, where their work will be on display until April 23rd. For those who are attending Contemporary Art Fair Reading, we would encourage you to go and experience the works of both these artists to whom we wish the best of luck for the weekend!



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