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get your hands on a surprise gift, courtesy of our artists...

make a donation...

...receive your confirmation... your gift!

We've started a new scheme where instead of paying submission fees, artists can enter our exhibitions and opportunities by donating gorgeous small works to our collections.

These exclusive collections will be released throughout the year online, and you can be in with the chance to take one away. All you have to do is pick a donation value and then you can redeem your piece when new collections go live.

For a full explainer, watch the video below.

postcard works


How to Donate


By donating now, you get the chance to select an artwork later. Donating is easy and can be done using the links below.

Our "Postcard Artworks" are grouped into four categories, £10, £25, £35 and £45+. For the first three of these, you simply donate this amount and when we publish new works, you'll receive a notification to let you choose yours from the respective category. In the £45+ category, the artworks are pretty special, so we'd invite you to donate flexibly with £45 as the minimum donation value.

How to Select


You'll receive a notification in advance of new artworks going live letting you know exactly when they'll be added to the site.


When they do, you'll be sent a link to browse newly added works and a form where you can submit your choice. You'll need your order reference number and email handy to confirm its you.

If you're the first person to select a work it's yours, and we'll reach out to arrange shipping.

What if there's nothing I like?


There's no pressure to redeem your credits now and we'll be adding new work regularly so if you don't see something you like on this occasion you can always wait.

However, we do recommend that you don't look at this as a transactional process (these are donations and do not guarantee the right to purchase a specific product or item). Think of it instead as a donation you'd want to make anyway, to support independent artists and the creative sector. In exchange, you get a free gift you wouldn't have otherwise had. This isn't about purchasing a work, its about making a difference.

Make Your Donation


To make a donation over £45 click the button below.

Please note, this action will navigate you to a PayPal donation form enabling you to specify your donation value. As part of this you will manually need to add a contact email for us to reach you.

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