English Riviera Winter Open 2019

Explore works from 85 participating South Devon Artists in the English Riviera Winter Open Exhibition 2019.

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The Jolly Boys Journey


Rocher de la Loze in Evening Light

Below Vizelle

Low Pressure


Street Light, Barcelona

Pier 9, San Francisco

Girl With Hat

Female Form

Hanging On

Red Buoys, Boats and the Stars I

Red Buoys, Boats and the Stars II (2018)

Stormy Emerald Sea

Goals (Thoreau)

Krider (Surround Yourself)

Carbis Bay

Flashcards - Spotty Dog

Flashcards - Paul

Black Rhinoceros and Stone Curlew

Mother and Calf - African Elephant

Hound Tor

Dodging the Showers


The Black Hills

Optical Illusion 2

Blue/Green Glass Clock

Blue Paper Weight

Redcliff and Pier

Autumn Colours

A Place in the Sun

Answer Me?

The Undeniable Allure of Hibiscus

The Beginning

Deus Pandemica

The Castaways

Storm on Dartmoor

Shadow Rock, Courchevel

In the Arms of the Forest


The Big Tree

Strong Woman You, Strong Woman Me I

Strong Woman You, Strong Woman Me II


Flight of Fantasy

Vintage Torbay Boating

Clouds II

Emerald Surf II

Visionaries (Brunel)

Ammonite Spectrum

Rooftops and Rocks

Flashcards - Wooden Boy

Flashcards - Walker Art Gallery

Rothschilds Giraffe


Leather Tor


Dancing Nude

Message from Nowhere 2

Coral Bowl Light Turquoise Square

Small Deep Bowl Ochre Turquoise

Coral Bowl Light Turquoise Square

Torquay Harbour

Catch Me If You Can

Black Sail

And So It Begins



Candy Wormhole

A Steep Climb

Spring on Exmoor

Summer Reunion

Otter Head - Budleigh Salterton, Devon

City Street, New York

The Stretch

Little horses (Tarquinia/Teignmouth)

The Dreamer

Aqua Sailing - Torbay (2019)

Pea Green Torbay Boats (2019)


London Fashion Week

Never Give Up

Golden Ambiance

Flashcards - Hughie

Flashcards - Olive

Bondla Forest - Asian Elephants

Afternoon Nap - Spotted Hyena

Primal Force

Spring Cliffs

Santorini Secret

Blue Fold

Coral Bowl Dark Turquoise Square

Optical Illusion 3

Optical Illusion 1

Teignmouth Front


Alice's Wonderland

Land of Golden Sand

My Heart Beats Faster

You Go To My Head