Artizan Artists on Tour

24th March - 23rd April

An Exhibition at the Cockington Court Kitchen Gallery

"For this external show we will be joined by four Torbay and South Devon artists, all uniquely talented in their own fields."

Artizan on Tour

Artizan is privileged to have been invited to exhibit at the Cockington Court Kitchen Gallery with a selection of artists as part of their 2018 series. For this external show we will be joined by four Torbay and South Devon artists, all uniquely talented in their own fields.

This gorgeous space is situated at the front of the court overlooking the main green and hosts a range of exciting exhibitions throughout the year including their annual “Pewter Now” show featuring unique and unusual works of local and national pewter artists.

Joining us in the space will be: Kirsteen Titchener, a wonderful photographic artist who blurs the lines of reality through skilled photomanipulation and an inspiring imagination; F. G. Davis, a leading contemporary artist known for his pure abstraction and mixed media collage works exhibited internationally; Jo West, the UKs first colour changing resin artist; and Susan Cavaliere, influential Torbay surrealist artist inspired by folklore and mythology. The show runs until the 23rd April during the courts normal hours.

24th March - 23rd April

Artizan Artists on Tour

An Exhibition at the Cockington Court Kitchen Gallery

Artist Preview: 24th March // 12:00-14:00

Kirsteen Titchener

Kirsteen Titchener is a self-taught photographic artist born in Surrey, now living in Devon, UK. Using digital editing techniques to combine multiple photographs allows the final image to go beyond what can be created in a single traditional photograph. By drawing on a background in psychology her work often reflects the depth and fragility of human emotions.

Kirsteen’s images have received international recognition. Recent accomplishments include the Visual Art Gold Medal awarded by The Royal Photographic Society (2018), runner up in The Societies Pictorial & Fine Art Photographer of the Year in 2016, and 3rd place in Neutral Density Photography Awards Open Category 2017.

F. G. Davis

George Davis is a leading contemporary artist who has exhibited widely in the UK and internationally, sharing his working time between his homes in Devon and the South of France. Known principally for his exquisite use of colour, texture and pattern, he explores many and varied themes with acrylic, collage, watercolour, gouache and mixed media. His work is unique in its diversity, encompassing a wide range of subject matter taken from his everyday experiences and memories, working in a full range of scales, from intricate detailed pieces to bold large works. Interpretations are often witty and playful, capturing the essence of his starting points with a keen perceptive insight, frequently completed as part of an extensive series of work which testify to his love of experimentation and his unerring ability to tantalise the viewers’ imagination. His work retaining a painterly integrity which shines through.

Jo West

Jo is the first UK colour changing resin artist.  She has been selling professionally since 2016, has had many commissions and has gained interest from galleries. She was born in Plymouth and still lives in the beautiful south coast of Devon. A contemporary self-taught artist who is heavily influenced by her rural upbringing, she explores themes around nature. Her passion for understanding the human mind led her to study Psychology at Cardiff University and she went on to work with vulnerable people for over 15 years. She attributes focussing on the needs and feelings of others as inspiration for much of her work. Jo has trained in stained glass and jewellery making and uses some of the techniques she learnt to create her paintings.

Jo and her husband built their home 3 years ago.  After having their second child, she is now able to work from home in her studio enabling her to spend more time with her children and reconnect with her lifelong love of painting.

To create her beautiful paintings she uses acrylics, mixed media and resin. There are many different processes she uses to create a painting and a lot of her work is done outside.  She uses a mixture of tools to create layers and adds crystals, metal leaf, fine glitter, iridescent powder and fibre in the resin to add depth and interesting aspects. Jo has recently started using semi-precious and precious stones in some of her work as she is interested in the healing properties of crystals and is also experimenting with pressed flowers.  She uses a multi layered approach, drawing the viewer into the depth and having the desire to touch the painting.  Each piece is original and unique and is finished with a final coat of high gloss resin giving a glass effect.  

Jo loves experimenting and is excited to see how her style will develop. Her aim is to make you smile and take you to a happy place. She loves the use of colour and how it can influence how you feel. Colour is nature’s signalling system and she is fascinated how it can affect behaviour.
Jo finds painting very therapeutic and follows her heart with every painting she does, she has so many ideas in her head, any chance she has, she paints. The Resin somehow brings a calmness and tranquillity to her paintings, she views it as slow running water. As much as she loves colour and glitter, the resin balances it out. 

 ‘I always want to help people feel good about themselves, we are surrounded by illness and chaos in our lives and sometimes just stopping and breathing in natures beauty can change how we are feeling’

‘With all the stress we are under these days I like to create paintings that brings a smile to your face, imagine a place where you can relax and forget reality for a while.’

For the last year Jo has been experimenting with colour change products and has produced beautiful pieces. She is fascinated how the atmosphere can change and how it can affect feelings. She has always been excited by the idea of an evolving painting so this has given her the opportunity to develop this concept. As the painting warms up, the colour gradually changes to another or changes to a spectrum of colours.  Jo endeavours to bring a little bit of nature into your home.

‘The endless colours surrounding us and the natural changing elements evoke emotion which I try to convey through my paintings.’

Susan Cavaliere

My work has been inspired by an admiration of surrealism and abstraction and is driven by an interest in mythology, folklore and fantasy. In earlier years, I lived on Salisbury Plain and had some family connections with Stonehenge, which developed an early interest with the myths and legends surrounding Druids and Pagans. When I lived in London, my attentions diversified and I began to explore historical sites like the Tower of London, drawn to its Ravens and the tales surrounding it.  After finally settling in Devon, I became fascinated by the King Arthur legend and visited Tintagel and Glastonbury. Now I regularly visit different castles to soak up the atmosphere and learn about the folklore.

It is from here that I work in my Torquay studio, a very important place for me to focus on my art. In this space, I can bring my inspirations and create totally from imagination, shutting out unwanted interference. Once ensconced here, days often turn to night as I work.

Art and paintings have always been a big part of my life and the fine art groundings from my studies at Salisbury School of Art had a big impact, providing me the confidence and inspiration needed to experiment with new methods, such as combination practices using both oils and waxes. Artists that have made an impression on me include, Botticelli and Leonardo da Vinci, as well as impressionists including Cezanne and Van Gogh, later also Odilon Redon and Klimt. More recently I have enjoyed the Polish surrealist Zdzisław Beksiński, a leading figure in contemporary Polish art in the late 60s.

I create my pieces through colour and tonal layering and balance in my work is hugely important. To a degree, this structuring offers a form of meditation, when I feel happy and relaxed I know that a piece is finished. The eye must be led around the painting leaving room for the imagination to fill in details. 

For me a painting must provoke interest and for this reason narrative features heavily in my work.Most of my pieces have a story or a reason behind them, often based in a specific folktale or myth. However, this narrative is never definitive and I always encourage people to bring their own views to my work.

I love to exhibit my paintings and have done so many times over the years. An extensive career has meant that I now have the privilege of a number of works being held in international collections including in the USA, Far East and European homes.

The Works

Exhibited works will be available to view here shortly, but for now please feel free to browse works of our other artists.