the hub...


Thank you for taking the time to visit the early access site for Arthub. This site is the first incarnation of an ambitious digital art space being launched in Torbay to help support a thriving creative community.

At this stage we are only able to offer managed accounts. This means if you sign up, we'll get in touch with you to discuss what type of profile you'd like and then we'll set this up for you. Whilst most of the sites planned features are already in place, at this stage all posts, online shop pages, profiles and events have to be created and managed by our team.

As we rapidly work to fund development, we'll hand over more control to you, allowing you to run your profiles, shops and content production, before going on to add in some of the really exciting social features like artist tagging and collector reviews.

Below, you can find out everything we have planned for the site long-term or if you want to know how you can support the project, read about our upcoming crowdfunder.

the elevator pitch...

The Arthub is a new project supported by Artizan Gallery which will provide a comprehensive digital space for artists and creatives to work, promote and collaborate.

the slightly longer version...

In its simplest form Arthub is a website which incorporates content publishing tools and e-commerce packages into a social site.


The Hub is tailored towards creatives and individuals working in creative industries, and aims to provide the necessary tools for them to work effectively online. Whether, it’s part of a larger online portfolio, or its your one-stop for your online profile, its extensive features and simple design make it great for the tech savvy or the online novice.


what is arthub...

“A comprehensive digital space for artists and creatives to work, promote and collaborate”

Arthub aims to provide a solution which is simple to use but fully featured, with all the tools an artist needs to promote themselves; a service that is inexpensive and excellent value, offering an affordable solution which the internet savvy can add to their existing portfolio of online marketing, or that online novices can utilise as a fully packaged, one stop option to web promotion; and most importantly, it will offer a community space which doesn’t just promote the individual but the whole, designed to maximise artists efforts by bringing them together under one roof.

why do we believe in arthub...

who we are

We're the people at Artizan Gallery, an independent, family run art space which has dedicated itself to supporting the local art scene in the beautiful English Riviera. We're not artists but we are art lovers and we know a bit about running a business.


The idea for Arthub has come from more than three years of experience in promoting and running a gallery in Torbay.


That’s three years of working with artists, art groups and art businesses; three years of running art exhibitions, art projects and arts campaigns; three years of great work, with incredible talent in amazing venues. And in those three years we’ve learnt some valuable lessons from a sample of over 200 artists, all of whom are out there promoting themselves and their work; here’s just a few of those lessons:

  1. Artists are the best people to promote their work. No matter how hard we try, we will never be able to sell your artwork as well as you can. Buyers and collectors love to hear about your work from you.

  2. Artists often dislike talking about their work. We see it at all our launch events. Many artists hide themselves in the corners as far away as possible from their work because their nervous about discussing it!

  3. Online marketing is essential. It doesn’t take a genius to figure it out, the internet has changed how we go about our day to day lives. This applies to everything we do from banking, to socialising, to how we shop, and that isn’t just isolated to ordering the groceries online, it applies to buying art too!

  4. Whether its Torbay or London, the tools at an artists disposals to promote themselves online at a local or national level are lacking.  There are some exceptions with sites like Art Rabbit offering a free, functional and stylish service to promote art exhibitions nationally, but its potential to reach people locally in small towns and cities is limited. Many local promotion sites are overcomplicated, inflexible in the way individuals can add events and difficult to navigate for visitors trying to find things to do; they’re often run by councils with limited funds and time to dedicate to them or as add-ons to sites with other primary purposes; none are dedicated to the arts.

  5. Disjointed and inadequate digital promotion sites make online marketing a full-time job. We should know, we’re doing it every day, fighting our way through a mess of local newspaper sites, radio pages, events listings and social media to best promote the exhibitions we run. It easily takes up two to three days every week for us!

  6. Artists are better together. Whether it’s affordability of opportunities, division of labour or simply having a louder voice, artists are more successful in numbers. When we think about the art group we believe it’s important that collectives are not just made up of artists but of arts businesses too and that connections are nurtured between these individuals to benefit each other; after all, we’d be out of a job if it wasn’t for artists!

How does Arthub aim to tackle these issues?

Firstly, the site offers a dedicated site space for artists to promote themselves and their work. A fully featured profile allows artists to update collectors about themselves and their art, publish blog posts, promote events and sell online. A simple and elegant design mimics a blank canvas or bare gallery wall, ensuring that nothing detracts from the sites best feature, the artwork. These profiles have all the features of your own, independent, fully functioning site but without the price tag, granting them the opportunity to be used as either an additional outlet for artists or as the sole online presence. And the whole thing is as simple to setup as a FaceBook profile, fill out a form telling us about yourself and you’re away. Blog posts are just as easy, with a responsive creation system that lets you see just how your post will look as you write it and allowing you to create beautiful posts using content from video, to images, to feedback forms.


“Arthub is not just an e-commerce platform, its a fully functioning “digital arts space”, an online gallery for artists, creative businesses and art lovers to interact in.”


Arthub also provides a central dedicated “arts space” for networking, promotion and e-commerce, an organised and equipped online art group. This combined approach means collectors and buyers can easily transition from shop to blog, to get the “full picture” about an artist and their work when browsing and purchasing. For artists, it means one place to work, sell and discuss. The important thing to remember, is that this is not just an e-commerce platform, not your standard online shopping cart. ArtHub will be a fully functioning “digital arts space”, a content driven, online gallery for artists, creative businesses and art lovers to interact in.

“Artists are better together. Whether it’s affordability of opportunities, division of labour or simply having a louder voice, artists are more successful in numbers.”

As we’ve said already, the site will work based on the principles of a “collective” and will foster many principles from the “art group”. With this in mind, Arthub’s offer will not be limited to individuals, but will include bespoke, affordable features for Art Groups to promote and support its members, with creative e-commerce solutions which allow them to fundraise and support the group’s activities. The Hub will also provide promotion solutions for arts related businesses, providing them with a valuable platform to engage and connect with their customers and clients.

"...dedicated to supporting local..."

Arthub will initially launch in the South West but its aim is to promote nationally whilst still having the capability to promote at a local level. As such, even at its outset the sites scope is not isolated to this region. In the long term, we hope to develop these location specific capabilities with the possibility of regional microsites and collaborations with galleries and spaces across the country. Additionally, the project aims to be far more than a digital space with ambitions to produce print publications and catalogues, as well as run physical exhibitions of its members’ work and provide them with exclusive offers.