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Due to the wide range of artists represented on our site, shipping can get a bit tricky! Some of the work you’ll view is held centrally at Artizan Gallery whilst much of it will be held by the artist themselves. Sometimes our artists will arrange their own delivery, whilst others may want to bring the piece to us to handle this for them. And of course, due to the value of work and the potential for damage in shipping, on many occasions special measures may be required to ensure your new piece of art arrives with you safely.

With all this in mind, we’re sure you’ll appreciate that shipping work may take some time and whilst we’ll always endeavour to have your artwork with you as quickly as possible we do occasionally experience delays. In the main, we are normally able to complete delivery within two weeks of an order being placed and thanks to incredible shipping partners we can even arrange for your art to arrive on a day that suits you.

We’ll always make it as clear as possible whether a piece of artwork is coming via us or an artist, and make sure that you’re fully aware of what this means for your purchase.

You’ll see when you place your order that whenever a piece is being shipped by Arthub, all UK shipping is applied at a flat rate of £60.00. However, sometimes we manage to do things a little cheaper than this. So, as and when we are able to get a better deal, we’ll be sure to refund you the difference!

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