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For a simple breakdown of our pricing and packages, click here, or keep reading for a detailed look.

for artists...

There will be two bands of membership for artists, “Standard”, £30 per annum and “E-commerce”, £150 per annum. Both bands will have a profile page which will act as a modern, scrolling, micro-site for artists. They will provide a space for artists to promote themselves and their work through exhibition promotion, blogging, image showcases and, for “E-commerce” members, an online shop.


Profiles will bridge the gap between a social media style layout and a modern, scrolling website, consisting of:

  • A top header which will contain the artists profile image and name, their associated tags and a short quote about their work.

  • Below this will be a section with a long description of themselves and their work along with a featured image which can be updated as required.

  • Below this will be a location and opening section for any artists with an open studio.

  • Next an image showcase (with a limited number of images for standard users).

  • Below this a mini-shop for “E-commerce” members.

  • Below this recent content including all blog posts and events.

  • Below this a CV of exhibitions automatically sorted into past, current and upcoming and linking to any relevant content.


This will all be generated from a simple user form on signup and can be updated at any time by contacting us.

Future Features

The linking and tagging system will allow the profiles to act as a full exhibition record, with the ability to see what pieces appeared in an exhibition, which artists were involved with the exhibition and any other related content.

Several “quick actions” will be available from your profile page:

  • Adding an exhibition to your CV

  • Updating your profile picture

  • Updating your featured article

  • Updating your featured image

stub users...

We’ll be building up the content from day one to make sure from the very beginning there’s plenty of stuff to see and do. This will range from our own blog posts as well as sponsored content from artists and galleries. We’ll be giving out as many accounts as possible in the early access stage and once we’re live we’ll be welcoming more and more people on board.

Most importantly, we’ll make sure you’re on the site and benefiting from Arthub before you even sign up. For any artist with an online presence, we’ll bring your digital profile on to Arthub in the form of a “stub profile” so that when you sign up most of the work is done for you. All you’ll have to do is claim your profile and fill in any details we’ve missed!

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