Member Artists

Browse profiles and artworks of our member artists. We work with hundreds of artists each year with a select few joining us as member artists here on our website.


With over 1000 works available to view on the site and 60+ artist profiles to enjoy, we're sure you'll find something of interest.


Sarah Vaci

Lydia Milford

Chantal Ashwell

Lee Pover

Brian Fowlie

Susan Cavaliere

Richard Slater

Alan Gregory

Clare Jenkinson

Becky Nuttall

Jennifer Harris

Rhian Wyn Harrison

Kirsteen Titchener

Diana Booth

Kevin Patterson

Kat Fennell

Sandra Lissenden

Nicola Noble

Joy Norman

Susan Williamson

Janet Hockley

Lorraine Gilroy

Mike Tingle

Peter King

Geoff Weedon

Ceridwen Powell

Simon Fowler

Tamara Savchenko

Arthur Homeshaw

Jo West

Chris Pitman

Rosemary Bonney

Anna Grayson

Lesley Bennetto

F. G. Davis

Martin Dutton

Kavita Solder

Christophe Szpajdel

Keran Gilmore

Arja Cook

Fiona Hiscox

Alice Corby

Steve Reynolds

Jenny Smy

Lee Fletcher

Gill Jones