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We understand that buying a piece of artwork is a big decision and despite the increasing popularity of buying artwork online, there’s no real substitute for seeing a piece in the flesh. We added an e-commerce platform to Arthub because selling online is clearly a part of the industry that is here to stay and we’ve tried to make buying online as close as possible to buying in a real gallery.


So, we ensure that all our pieces are listed with high quality images, videos, accurate dimensions and all the information you could possibly want to know about the artist. And if there’s anything missing, you can always contact us to find out!

Despite all these efforts, we know it’s still no substitute, so we also endeavour to make as much of our art as possible available to you at our headquarters at Artizan Gallery. If there’s a piece you love but you want to make absolutely certain, we can arrange for most of the work on our site to be viewed in the gallery upon request.

Please see our full terms and conditions to find out more about buying art via Arthub.

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