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Arthub curates a collection of artwork from across Devon, featuring a selection of talented professional and part-time artists, all producing work to an exceptionally high standard. Every work that is uploaded is checked by a member of our team and whilst we do sell prints all of our member artists are required to submit a high proportion of original works.

We place no restrictions on the styles, media, or subject matter of the works uploaded to our site, and we do not require our artists to demonstrate any level of qualification to submit work. Our sole focus is quality and our artwork checks are in place to ensure this is always maintained.

Artworks are published in a few different ways. Some will be submitted direct from the artist and will be linked to their own self-managed profile. These pieces more often than not will be shipped to you straight from the artists studio. On other occasions, works are submitted by galleries on an artists behalf or by a society representing a group of artists. Finally, we have exhibition sales. These shops run for a short time only and feature a collection of works currently being exhibited out in the real world. They offer a chance to view exhibitions before and after attending and will often run for a period of time before an exhibition opens and after it closes, meaning you can either get a sneak peek or snap up a last minute purchase.

All of this means we have a huge range of art for you to enjoy, including fresh new works just heading out for exhibition!

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