Kirsteen Titchener

 Contemporary Photographer 

"My photographic art is strongly influenced by a fascination with human nature, many years working in the field of psychology and close observation of my own emotions."

Reality and Imagination

Kirsteen Titchener is a self-taught photographic artist born in Surrey, now living in Devon, UK. Using digital editing techniques to combine multiple photographs allows the final image to go beyond what can be created in a single traditional photograph. By drawing on a background in psychology her work often reflects the depth and fragility of human emotions.

Kirsteen’s images have received international recognition. Recent accomplishments include the Visual Art Gold Medal awarded by The Royal Photographic Society (2018), runner up in The Societies Pictorial & Fine Art Photographer of the Year in 2016, and 3rd place in Neutral Density Photography Awards Open Category 2017.

Available Works