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Top Tips for Avoiding P.E.B

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Phase 1 of our Summer Season is now well underway. Our Summer Open is launched (did we mention) and is full of positive vibes. But we’re not here to talk about that today…much. No, today we actually have to deliver a little bit of bad news and we’re not looking forward to it.

So, here goes, it is with great regret that we have to let you all know that Alan Price-Roberts stunning Summer show, Portraits to Abstraction, has only got 3 days remaining!

Ok, so we may be being a little bit overdramatic, but we genuinely hate saying goodbye to exhibitions and this year our calendar has been so phenomenally good (if you don’t believe is check out our 360 scans!) that it’s just so hard to let go. Judge us all you want, but we’re going to mourn each of our exhibitions as they move on and that’s just part of our process!

If like us, you too are grief stricken at the thought of the close of our July exhibition we have some advice for dealing with P.E.B (Post Exhibition Blues). Disclaimer: the following advice is laced with faux outrage for comic effect.

Number One: VISIT! Yes, we’re going to shout about it, but the obvious thing to do is come and view the exhibition before it’s too late!

Number Two: Head to our exhibition page to read more about Alan and explore images of his wonderful work. And once you’ve done that, repeat step one and VISIT!

Number Three: We understand that you may have other plans over the next few days that mean you can’t come and visit and that’s ok; I mean hey, we’re all busy people. But that’s not a good enough excuse anymore! Not with our 360 exhibition scans allowing you to view our July exhibition from your office, living room, garden, grandma’s house or favourite local independent coffee shop (no browsing from Starbucks though, support local we shouldn’t have to tell you that)!

Number Four: If due to some huge oversight you don’t make it down to visit us before Saturday at 5PM, and maybe your broadband could do with an upgrade, so you can’t stream our 360 exhibition scan (it’s not like it’s 2018 or anything), we do have one last bite of the apple for you. Alan has a small selection of works in the Artizan Summer Open Exhibition on Fleet Walk so until August 16th you’ll still be able to discover his work in one of our exhibitions.

Bonus Number Five: Seriously, just VISIT!

With Alan’s exhibition moving on, it does of course make room for our next exhibition and this one is a little bit special. We’re not one for taking weeks off, so when we saw an 8 day hole in our opening we took urgent action, the result of which is Lynsey James’ July Flash Exhibition, “Oceans Energy”.

This short one-week show has been touring coastal towns for a little while now, with Lynsey having a packed exhibition schedule; the eager eyed may have already spotted her show over at Sands Road at the start of June. This latest series is inspired by the harmonious energy of the natural world particularly the movement of oceanic waters. Deep blues, indigo, violet and turquoise mingle with lighter hues to create a rich palette reflective of the many and varied moods that is characteristic of our planet’s oceans.

The exhibition runs from 23rd July to 29th July so get those dates in your diary! AND VISIT!



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