July Exhibition

2nd July - 21st July

Works of Alan Price-Roberts

"My main interest in art has always been the human form and I have been influenced particularly by fashion photography and the Impressionists and Expressionists in that respect."

Expressive Portraiture

Devon artist Alan Price-Roberts joins Artizan Gallery in July for an exhibition of recent and retrospective works.


With a diverse background, including a period in Offshore Pirate Radio broadcast, Alan Price Roberts presents a series of new works in portraiture and figurative abstraction.

Alan's work is exhibited extensively including past solo shows on the continent in Copenhagen and Berlin. He now exhibits regularly with Devon Art Society receiving a number of commendations and awards for his work.

2nd July - 21st July

July Exhibition

Works of Alan Price-Roberts

Cocktail Launch: 3rd July // 18:30-20:30

Artist Preview: 6th July // 18:00-20:00

Alan Price-Roberts

After studying Stagecraft, Theatre and Film Production at RedRoofs Theatre School and the Corona Stage School in London I also took onboard art instruction under Romeo di Giralamo the President of The Royal Society of British Artists before transferring to the High Wycombe College of Art where I did my Foundation Art Diploma.

After this I enrolled at the Royal Berkshire College of Art at Maidenhead and then Reading for my Intermediate and Diploma in Art and Design under part direction from Terry Frost and John Piper, although I majored in photography. Working in a variety of art careers upon leaving art school I worked with Patrick Reyntein the Stained Glass Designer at his studio in Wooburn Green/Flackwell Heath under the recommendation of John Piper.


By 1966 I’d also dabbled in the world of Offshore Pirate Radio which at a latter date was to redirect my working career into broadcasting. During the late 1960’s I worked as a freelance photographer with local newspaper in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire and as a Club DJ.

In 1969 I moved to Denmark primarily working as a DJ but decided to continue my art education at the University of Copenhagen studying Art History and Restoration and Conversation which had always interested me, in association with the Copenhagen Glypotek.

By 1972 I was living in “Christania” the artistic community in Copenhagen alongside the tail end of the CoBRA group of artists that had been set up by Asger Jorn and Karel Appel in the late 1950’s. Among my contemporaries and major influences was Mogens Balle generally accepted as the last official CoBRA artist.


Whilst in Copenhagen I worked part time with Danmarks Radio as a studio assistant and on my return to the UK in 1977 after another stint with offshore radio with the Voice of Peace in the Mediterranean I joined the BBC at Radio Oxford as a Producer/Presenter this was the start of a career in radio with the BBC at Radio 2, Radio London and the World Service and Independent Local Radio GWR FM, Severn Sound and Swansea Sound.


On leaving the BBC I ran a small gallery in Bourne End, Bucks and continued making documentary programmes for Radio 2 and the BBC as a freelance producer before moving to Torquay in 2000.


Since retirement I have re adopted my first love art. My main interest in art has always been the human form and I have been influenced particularly by fashion photography and the Impressionists and Expressionists in that respect. Recently I have been experimenting with abstraction and the earlier experiences I had with CoBRA. I also have a great appreciation of the work of William De Kooning and the British painters Frank Auerbach and Leon Kossoff who have always loomed over me as great examples of towering achievements in pulling the soul of an individual into paint. However I am equally inspired by Degas, Walter Sickert, Peter Lanyon and of course John Piper and Romeo di Giralamo who both guided and advised in me on a path I eventually got around to pursuing.


To say what objectives I have in painting is difficult while I am interested in combining uniform patterns of colour and balance within a figurative context would be my obvious conclusion, subliminal thought also pays a prime role.

The Works

Exclusive early access to exhibited works from our July exhibition.