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My Looking Ripens Things - Artist Preview

Last year we received the exciting and sad news that artist and friend of the gallery Karen Lorenz would be moving out of her studio behind Artizan and migrating south for our neighbours in Cornwall. The fact was disappointing for several reasons; for one, Karen is an exceptional artist and has exhibited her beautiful work with us on occasion in the past; beyond this she has always, and continues to be, a committed supporter of the work we do, attending performance evenings, talks and previews with us on a regular basis. What is more, knowing that Karen was just across the road from us in her creative space, gave a comforting feeling of solidarity to know there was a cultural comrade a stone's throw away. But opportunities in Cornwall beckoned, offering successes that Karen's work undoubtedly deserves, so we waved farewell wishing her all the best.

We're pleased to say however, that Karen has not been a stranger since making the move, and as well as keeping in touch regularly she’s also recently returned to Devon for an exhibition alongside Kate Walters at Space in Dartington Hall. Curated by the group for Dartington Arts, the show is called My Looking Ripens Things, and features new works inspired by the arts spiritual reaction to the world around them. The two artists are old friends, and their works are very complimentary; neutral earthy tones combine with splashes of rich burnt colours to unite their series’; abstract flowing forms, rough lines and heavy textural marks recall natural formations; overall, works are primal, recalling cave painting, geological beauty, lifeblood, fire and energy. Individually and as a collection, these are very powerful images.

The exhibition runs until May 16th, and we definitely recommend a viewing. For more of Karens work visit or for Kate head to



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