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Artizan Women's Open 2024

Image of three artworks hanging in a gallery. The main focal piece depicts a woman and holding a young child with a second child sat beside her. The scene is at night and a silhouette of foliage can be seen in the background with further plant fronds also appearing in the foreground.
Artizan Women's Open 2023

2023 saw us curate our first Women's Open Exhibition, reflecting on some of the National Gallery's analysis of it's collections which revealed that in a vast 2,300 paintings spanning the 13th to early 20th century, only 21 are by women. 

In doing so, we participated in the ongoing conversation around the “gender gap in art history” and the experience of women artists today. Our stories and context were perhaps not as shocking as those of the National Gallery or of the London commercial galleries where a mere 5 percent approach a semblance of gender parity, but nonetheless, what rang true was the value and importance of this exhibition becoming a regular part of our calendar.

As such, we're excited to be revisiting the Artizan Women’s Open Exhibition as we invite submissions to the second installment of this new regular feature in our annual programme. 

In light of the popularity of last year's showcase, we anticipate this year that we will increase participation and welcome 30 - 40 artists showing a maximum of 4 works per artist. And having had to relocate the exhibition last year due to uptake, we will once again be hosting the showcase at our larger Fleet Walk venue.

Interested participants should fill out the simple submission form by 26th April. There will be a £15 fee for selected artists with 35% commission taken on sales.


Deadline for Entries:  26th April, midday

Confirmations:  27th April, midnight

Work Delivery: 28th April – 12th May

Exhibition Dates: 19th May – 30th June

Exhibition Launch: 18th May 18:00-20:00

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