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Closing View // April Show

Updated: Jun 12, 2020


Extended opening hours until April 27th // 09:00-18:00 plus a closing view for the exhibition on Thursday 26th, 18:00-20:00.


I’ve decided this month that I can’t pick a favourite piece from Cristina Ulander’s exhibition of new skyscapes and cloudscapes. Over the course of a month, we often say that our opinions evolve and change, and this has certainly been the case in April, but from my perspective, almost every piece has grown on me. Now, I don’t think I could possibly pick between the panoramic dunes of the Vorticity pair, the swirling murmuration of Dream On, the experimental Atmosphere No. 6, or the infinite Whispering Wind.

All in all, it’s an exhibition I’ve enjoyed being in the presence of for the last month and one I hope visitors to the Gallery have enjoyed just as much. For those who haven’t made it in yet, please do come and join us as this exhibition is truly exceptional and offers an exclusive first-time view of many of these works. If you have already made it to show, come and join me this week to tell me your favourite piece and explore the exhibition one last time!

To make sure you don’t miss out as April draws to a close we’ll be running extend opening hours all week from 9AM to 6PM and on Thursday evening following on from Artist Hour I’d like to invite you all to join us for a closing view of the show to celebrate these incredible works between 18:00-20:00.



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