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2018 Top 5 - Arthub Artists

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

If you've spent any time on our website, you'll know there's a lot of incredible work to browse; last year in fact we were adding new artwork almost daily for visitors to enjoy! But some of our artist pages get more visits than others. Maybe its because they were "on-trend" in 2018, or perhaps their at the peak of their online marketing game. Either way, we can see why people hung around once they were there!

So, here's our top 5 most viewed Arthub Artists of 2018!

Number 5...

Ever wanted to purchase your favourite old master but owning the Mona Lisa is a little out of reach? Well, that's where Anna Grayson comes in with her pastiche photography of famous works which pay homage to art history.

"The best art is rich in interpretation and holds nuances and meanings that can be updated and transferred to our modern age of digital photography."

Number 4...

Unsurprisingly, many people come to us looking to take away a little bit of the Devon landscape with them. The pool of artists contributing to this collection of work is pleasingly diverse, but one who seems to attract more eyes than many is Clare Jenkinson.

"My paintings and drawings are a response to my surroundings and my place within them"

Number 3...

It's often surprising to realise just how international Torbay's links are, but in at number 3 is an artist from across the pond that proves the draw the English Riviera can have. Currently exhibiting at London's Brick Lane Gallery Mark Wallis' photography has been a part of the gallery collections since 2017.

"When previously seeing New York on television, it was presented in a gritty way, but through my work I come from a more celebratory view."

Number 2...

Our top 5 would be incomplete without the presence of this true Westcountry Master and we certainly weren't surprised to see his name here. Master linocut artist Arthur Homeshaw, sadly deceased in 2011, is an undeniable talent and one audiences can rarely keep away from.

"An artist whose vision of the Westcountry landscapes and seascapes underlined his deep attachment to the area."

Number 1!

Perhaps it is the diversity of this artists work that draws so many in, or alternatively his prolific production. For us, its the mastery of every Richard Slater work, be it oil, watercolour or pastel that has probably gained him the number one slot in 2018...

"Richard is a hidden gem of British art. Put simply, no one else paints like this."



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