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It's Better Together! - Announcement - Artizan Summer Open 2018

"It's better together", as the old adage goes, and we think that's probably fair enough. We like to think our Summer Open is no exception, bringing together local artists and local people, to build something we can all be a part of...

But why not take this principle a little further? Why not take it all the way back to the submission process?Well, there's no good reason not to really! So, we've introduced Joint Applications, the principle being if your bring a friend, you both get to submit a second piece of art absolutely free! Why? Because it's better together!

If this is something you fancy, all you have to do is grab an updated joint application form here and in the "Joint Artist" box at the end of the form put the name of your fellow creative. They then put your name on their respective form and your free piece is confirmed! Simple as that.

It's just another great reason to take part ;)

Remember to check out all of the information about the exhibition here.



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