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English Riviera Summer Open 2024

English Riviera Summer Open

The English Riviera Summer Open is back and we've got two big reasons to celebrate...

For the first time in two years, we can confidently say this wont be our last Summer Open as we're delighted to announce we've secured our home at Fleet Walk, Torquay! And as well as this, 2024 marks 10 years since we established our first gallery venue on the English Riviera, so this Summer is the perfect chance for us to celebrate both these milestones!

About the Exhibition

If you've exhibited in our open exhibitions before you know the drill, but for newcomers our annual, seasonal opens are the biggest, and most ambitious visual arts showcases in South Devon, as we turn the walls of our highstreet gallery into a tapestry of original art from creatives all over the country.

The exhibition is selective but open to all, with our values for the showcase being:

  • Diversity and Variety - we take a range of traditional and contemporary practice, selecting works that result in a showcase rich in media, subject and style;

  • Originality and Innovation - this isn't an exhibition that just "plays it safe", we love traditional work, but equally we want to share work with audiences that they may not find anywhere else;

  • Quality and Talent - we select the best to create a showcase for our audience where they can guarantee they'll be taking away collectible, original work that can't be found anywhere else.

This year, we'll be celebrating 10 years of art on the English Riviera, with all proceeds from sales going toward an exciting new project for Artizan that we hope to announce soon.

As with our last few open exhibitions, your fee will only be payable if you are successful in having work selected for the exhibition. We'll be taking fees at the point of submission, but if we don't accept your work on this occasion, we'll refund your fee in full.

Based on interest, we have reinstated single entry submissions. Single entry submissions are charged at £10 but unfortunately are NOT refundable.

Deadline for Entries: Thursday 14th June, Midday


Key Dates:

Deadline for Entries: 14th June, Midday

Confirmation of Entries: 16th June, Midnight

Start Date: 7th July, 11am

End Date: 1st September, 4pm

Launch Date: 6th July, 18:00-20:00

Delivery Deadline: 30th June, 16:00 (delivery bookable from 17th -30th June)

Hang Week: 1st July - 5th July (artists are not required but should be prepared to receive work queries during this period)


Submission Forms:

We offer a number of options for submitting to the exhibition which hopefully will meet the needs of most artists but if you need assistance with any of the below methods, you can get in touch with us and we'll be happy to help.

Google Form (preferred): Completing our Google Form is the preferred method for submitting to our opportunities. You do not need a Google Account to fill in the form, but if you have one the form will save your progress as you go. You can fill in the form below using the embed further down this page, or alternatively click here to load it in a new window. Please note, your images are provided separately via email to

Curatorspace: This is a really great platform that we've been publishing our opportunities on for 5 years now. Artists can create a free or paid account that allows them to submit not just to our exhibitions but to hundreds of other opportunities. You can head to the submission form here and see details of their membership options here.

PDF Form: If you have a PDF reader that allows you to fill forms, we are trialling a fillable PDF option for the first time. You can download the PDF here and then load it in your chosen software. Once filled, email this form along with your images to Please note that some PDF viewers do not allow form filling and you may need to purchase premium software to use these features.

Email: If none of the above options work for you, we can also accept work details by email. To submit form details be email download the PDF form here and use this as a reference for the information we need. Provide all details in the body of an email and send this to

Google Form


Key Links:

Submission Form (Google, external):

Submission Enquiries:



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