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You don’t like my painting

I have never before joined an art group or society, other than art school, and I’ve never won anything for my art, except grade 1 O Level in 1973. In 2014 I decided I would acknowledge WH Auden’s command that you owe it to us to get on with what you are good at, and restart my creativity, exhibit more, write more poetry, follow the themes prevalent in my life and join with anyone on the same path. A small ambition that has brought some lovely people into my life and a remarkable degree of support and affection. To top this I have gained some awards and commendations. This February I received the Best in Show at the Spanish Barn Art Fair in Torquay. I received my trophy in due course. Your win is controversial I was told, bring it on I said.

I can defend my art quite happily, I was given the platform to do this and enjoyed the opportunity. My winning painting was ‘marmite’ and so it should be. If it helps raise the bar alongside Torbay sea, land and garden scape I’m glad. I believe art should challenge, make us see the world through a different lens. Art is a language and we are all capable of embracing and learning each other’s language while still knowing what we like. Every piece of art we create is a self portrait.

If you’re balancing on the edge of turning your inner thoughts into a unique voice, don’t hold back. Sometimes you may feel the need to explain but never complain about the reception you receive. I chose to be judged which is ultimately based on someone else’s taste. It just happened to be the same as mine this time.



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