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Devon Open Studios 2022 - Torbay Grant

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

For Devon Open Studios 2022, Artizan Collective are pleased to be working with Devon Artist Network to support Torbay Artists taking part in this year’s event.

Following a successful event in 2021, Torbay partners are keen to continue the growth of this regionally significant arts event in the area, and the grants programme will play a vital role whilst there is still some uncertainty in the months ahead.

We are able to offer 50% fee grants to up to 9 artists based in Torbay (“Torbay Grants”), and one full fee grant along with hosting at our venue for an artist that doesn’t have access to their own studio (“Artizan Gallery Grant”).

About the Grant

The grants are for any artist working from studios or living in Torbay. Beyond this geography, there are no conditions on entry and anyone is eligible to receive an award.

The grants will provide a financial contribution to your fees as well as inclusion in a wide range of promotional support that Artizan will be undertaking to promote the event and studios in Torbay as a whole, including membership and presence on our website for the event.

The one change this year, is that the grant can now be redeemed against group venues as well. Whilst the grant value will not change (50% of single studio fee) this can be applied to a group if you are one of the participating artists.

Applying for a grant

Applying for a grant is easy you simply need to complete two steps:

  • You must have registered your interest in Devon Open Studios by emailing once applications open in January.

  • Fill in the form on this page with the below details:

    • Your Name

    • A contact phone number

    • Which grant you are applying for (“Torbay Grant” or “Artizan Gallery Grant”)

    • If your grant will be applied to a solo studio or a group venue

    • The address of your studio or if you are applying for the “Artizan Gallery Grant” the Torbay address you reside in

    • Images of your work and practice

    • Up to 500 words telling us about yourself and your work, in which you may also want to talk about how the grant and participating in Devon Open Studios will impact you.


How the grant will work

Artizan will pay your full fee on your behalf to Devon Artist Network and request your 50% contribution directly. If you have already reserved your space and made your payment to Devon Open Studios you can still apply for this grant. In this circumstance Devon Artist Network will refund your fee to you if your application is successful.

The “Torbay Grants” are based on the standard individual fee to participate in Devon Open Studios 2021 and the grant will contribute 50% of this fee. If you want to take advantage of an upgraded listing in the guide you will be required to pay the difference. The “Artizan Grant” is similarly based on a standard individual fee and your listing in the guide will be included in a half page section alongside our other venue contributions to this year’s event.

If you are unsuccessful in your grant application, you will still be able to independently confirm your participation with Devon Artist Network up until the final deadline at the end of March.

What you get for the grant

  • “Torbay Grant” worth 50% of an Individual Artist Standard Fee (£85)

  • A year’s membership on our website normally charged at £75 (if you already have membership with us this will be added to your current subscription)

  • Inclusion in collective print and digital promotional content produced by Artizan

  • Association and presence at the Torbay hub venue for Devon Open Studios 2021

  • Additional 1-2-1 support on how to get the most out of your Devon Open Studios experience

  • "Artizan Grant" worth 100% of an Individual Artist Standard Fee (£170)

  • All details included in the "Torbay Grant"

  • Studio space in the Basement Gallery at Artizan Gallery for the duration of Devon Open Studios


By applying you agree to comply with the below conditions:

  • You must be based in Torbay by the definition Devon Open Studios adopts in their mapping which is based on Council Tax area

  • You must be a Devon Artist Network member

  • You must have registered for Devon Open Studios 2021 via the Devon Artist Network website but need not have made your final payment

  • You will be required to supply any information requested by Devon Artist Network for your inclusion in the event

  • You will be required to supply content for all promotional materials produced by Artizan in connection with the Torbay studios

  • Your grant award will be acknowledged in the guide on your listing with a note of Artizan’s sponsorship for this year’s event

  • You will be required to list at least one piece of current work for sale on the Artizan website profile included as part of your grant

  • You must acknowledge your grant award from Artizan Collective in any marketing or promotion

Additionally, the Artizan Grant winner will commit to:

  • Setting up a temporary studio from which they can work at Artizan Gallery for the duration of the event

  • Being present in the venue every weekend of the event

  • Being in the venue for at least half of the 15 event weekdays

Devon Open Studios Information

Event Dates: Saturday 10 - Sunday 25 September 2022

Devon Open Studios is a unique opportunity to meet artists in their studios in some of the most beautiful, unexplored parts of Devon. In addition to being able to buy art direct from the creator, many demonstrate, give talks or give you a chance to have a go.

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