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The Art of You - Artist Stories - Kristel Collison

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Artist Statement: The Minffordd Path is an image I made when I began my journey back to photography two years ago. I have walked, swam and meandered through the landscape for as long as I can remember. I feel more at ease outside and for me going out is staying in. Journeys on foot are a meditative act, a way of calming my senses and connecting the past and present. I am drawn to fragile, neglected and dormant spaces and often visit the same space time and time again. Within the familiar it is still possible to get lost.

I use my camera as a diary, journal and sketchbook and photograph places that resonate with me or evoke a particular feeling or emotion. The photographic space allows me to begin an external and internal dialogue and add my own layers and stories to the tracks, pathways and causeways traversed and passed through by people I’ll never know or meet.



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