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Shelley Szender: Headliner at Stanza Extravaganza Artizan Gallery Monday February 26th

Shelley has lived all her life in Paignton. Shelley first started writing Poetry as a Teenager. She would only show her Mum who suggested she show her English Teacher. But it wasn't cool to do Poetry at the School Shelley attended especially in the 1980's you would probably get your head kicked in. She wrote intermittently throughout her teens and adulthood but it was not until she completed an Open University BS'c Honour's Degree in Criminology and Psychology in Dec 2014 she started to write seriously.

In December 2015 she met with Robert Garnham, Ken Beever, Ellie Davies, Ian Beech & Lucy Lepchani at private function and attending Poetry Island as a mere spectator. From that moment she knew she wanted to perform but it was not until her friend Sue Cose wrote to Robert Garnham and he wrote her a poem to go out and perform and that she will be fine, She finally plucked up courage. Shelley contacted Robert and her first performance was at The Stanza Extravaganza in July 2016. On that performance Ian Beech asked her to perform at The Blue Walnut. Shelley has become a regular at The Stanza & Poetry Island she has also performed at Taking the Mic, Outspoken, Tradewinds, Word Cafe, Axbridge Comedy Night, First Edition Comedy at The Bread & Roses, Plymouth and The Wee Pub in Edinburgh. Shelley also performs in local Community events, private functions and parties she undertakes Wedding Commissions.

Shelley has the ability to make you laugh but also pull at your heartstrings with eclectic mix of Poetry.

You can hear her on Jim Munroe’s Riviera FM radio show Sunday 18th February at 10:00am

Shelley Szender Performance Poet



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