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Catching up with Frederick George Davis

Artist FG Davis (affectionately known as George) has been keeping busy over the last few months and has recently sent us this update to let us know more.

‘Each year I have the privilege of submitting a banner for a festival which happens over a week in August in the town of Gata de Gorgos, Alicante, Spain. The festival features selected work from over 60 artists from over 14 countries, drawing crowds from all over the World. Organised by the town of Gata, under the auspices of 'The European Textile Network' (ETN), Art Al Vent is one of the World’s most important international open-air textile art exhibitions. The medium and dimensions of banners are strictly controlled, measuring: 250 x 163 cm, to adhere to the size of traditional Spanish lace bed sheets. The banners are displayed, as were the bed sheets in the past, from the balconies throughout the town, accompanied by music, film, dance and culinary events during the week. ‘Dancers’ in Acrylic and Textiles is my contribution for this year’s event.

In my studio in France in January this year I started working on a series of cut paper pieces recalling the late work of Henri Matisse. These small pieces were continued on my return to the UK and a selection of this series are destined for the forthcoming 'Members Summer Exhibition' at The St Ives Society of Artists, Cornwall, 14 June to 2nd September. 2023. Inspiration has come from our home in France and recent travels.’


A collage completed in my studio in France inspired by my wife’s irises in her garden. These magnificent, curved blooms stand proudly in the foreground whilst the painted corrugated garden shed offers an element of contrast in the background.


Inspired by the pool in the hotel we stayed at during our recent visit to Cambodia. Surrounded by luxurious foliage the pool was a haven of peace and tranquillity. The addition of a well-stocked bar at the end of the pool may well have added to the feeling of relaxation experienced by the swimmers.


Inspired by the terrace of our house in Southwest France, with its magnificent Tilleul tree. The shadow cast by the tree offers welcome shade in the hot days of summer.


A fanciful collage ruminating on a secret kiss. Both participants looking suitably surprised.


Inspired by seeing the famous art bridge in Singapore. The bridge is situated at Robinson Quay and is known as the Alkaff Bridge, as it is shaped like a Tongkang, the inverted truss of a river lighter, and is situated near the former Alkaff Quay. The bridge was first painted in 2004 by Philopena artist, Pacita Abad, 1946-2004. The entire structure was hand painted with brightly coloured concentric circles using 55 different colours and 900 litres of industrial strength paint to transform it into Singapore’s first art bridge.


A collage which owes a lot to the aesthetic principles of the Bauhaus, with its geometric posters which are the apotome of balance using shape and colour.


My wife and I visited this over the top, 1930s inspired, Gin palace in Singapore this Autumn. The abundance of intricate geometric patterns and wall reliefs adorn every available surface broken only by the curves of the luxurious furniture. The bar’s exterior is often compared with the Lonely Planet building seen in the Batman films and bar claims to have the world’s largest selection of gin. Its decorative extravagance

Closer to home Artizan Gallery holds a permanent selection of George's work some of which is currently on display at our gallery on Lucius Street in our 'Small Is Beautiful' Exhibition and other larger works that can be viewed by appointment.



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