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Beach Hut Culture Update: November 2018

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

Brrrrrace yourselves, because it's November and it’s time we talked about... Christmas. Yes, I know it's not December, but remember your mother-in-law said she'd found your present back in July? And then you got Bob in the office Secret Santa! You don't know Bob, what on earth do you get Bob? A new hole punch...

That's why it's time to talk about Christmas! No, I'm not going to give you this year's list of best office supplies, you're on your own with Bob. No, I'm going to tell why this year you're going to have a great Christmas, despite the fact your neighbour’s knitted you another jumper!

Torquay might not be the most inspiring high street - the Christmas lights will be adding some sparkle soon - but there’s definitely some gems here. First of all, we’ve got a bookshop! Everyone needs a good Christmas read and there’s nothing better than the smell of fresh books on a dreary day, so my first stop is patronising Waterstones for some page turners.

You’ll be lucky to get me round a bookshop in under an hour, and that much shopping will leave me hankering for a coffee. Next stop, Calypso which if you’re in the middle of town, is the only place for a coffee; the team here are unstoppable when it comes to a strong filter to keep you going on your Christmas mission.

Then, two stops on Fleet Walk. Firstly, the Vintage and Retro shop where I’ll be picking up some threads for the office Christmas party (that’s me, Julie and one Christmas cracker). And downstairs, guess who you’ll find singing carols? Well team Artizan of course, along with a bunch of friendly artists in our Winter Exhibition (!

Now, head to the harbour and once you reach the very edge, keep going, aiming for the Brixham ferry boarding pontoon. It may be a little bouncy this time of year, but that’s the sort of bracing activity required after a morning hunting for gifts. Following an intrepid voyage such as this, there’s only one real stop to finish the day, the unique Brixham Steam Packet Co. where a suitable nautical souvenir will undoubtedly be waiting. Who knows, you might even find something for Bob, didn’t he say he liked naval history that one time?



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