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Apple Day in Cockington Court

On the 15th of October, on a Sunday. I went to the Cockington Apple Day Event. At that time, I was here for 3 weeks. I heard about this event for the first time, when I arrived here. My host mother told me about the coming event and I thought that it would be a great opportunity to learn about the traditions in South England.

When the day arrived I took the bus and began my exploration tour. Soon I realised that this event, was not just an usual event, but it was something what belongs to Torquay and had a huge influence to the society.

In front of the Cockington Court there were many different stands. Some of them were jewellery stand. Several of them were consistent with the Apple Day Feast and a few were perfect for Halloween. The other stands were mostly food stands, with a wide selection.

The buildings and the atmosphere gave you feeling that you are in the period of middle ages, especially because of the hay on the ground.

It was full crowded and suitable for children, a dream place for children, because of the huge bouncy castle, which you could see at a distance of a half kilometer.

Inside the Cockington Court all the studios were open, which were all art studios from craft to paintings. Some of them did a show, how they produce their own work.

The crowd was really enjoying it, I could see is on their faces, additional it had a bit of a funny sense, because pirates walked around Cockington.



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