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A Private View

Words & Pictures Gallery

At the end of what had been a very busy week at the gallery with a re-hang for our latest show along with not one, but 3 evening events, one might have expected that, come 5 ‘O’ Clock on Saturday we would have been hot footing it home to pop open a bottle of wine and sit in the garden soaking up the sunshine. But we had one final very important event to attend which we didn’t want to miss, so we jumped in the car and headed over to the wonderful ‘Words and Pictures’ Gallery in Teignmouth to view an exhibition by Artizan Artist, F. G. Davis.

‘Words and Pictures’ is, like us, an independent gallery working hard to promote and support local artists and is run by Jason and his wife. They have a dedicated space to the rear of their gallery where they host a series of exhibitions throughout the year. We have been to a few here but were especially keen to see this one as we knew that George would be showing his ‘Coffee Sack’ series of paintings altogether for the first time to coincide with a book launch of the same name.

We had already seen some of them but to see the work as a whole is very special. George is a prolific abstract painter who just loves colour and working with unusual mediums and techniques to produce original bold works of art. In this latest body of work, he does not disappoint, taking coffee sacks as his starting point, using their texture and graphics for inspiration, George has produced a collection of innovative work that fully demonstrate his skills as an artist.

We were delighted to see a first sale notched up as we were leaving and would suggest that you get yourselves over there quickly before the rest get snapped up.

The Exhibition runs until 18th May



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