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2017 Solo Series - Sam Regan


“Painting is a lot like fishing. Stick your brush in the water and wait. Hope for something big (or at least funny looking…) Read the paper. Eat a sandwich. Think about painting. Call Baselitz (no answer.) Read “Hunger”. Crossword Puzzle. Whistle. Paint. Curse God. Go home.”

Joe Bradley


Having studied in Brighton, Sam now lives and works in Torquay. His series ‘Torquay Paintings’ will be on display in Artizan’s Main Gallery for the first month of our 2017 Solo Series.

The exhibition will run from 9th – 29th January with an opening view on Thursday 12th January.

About the Work

This body of work continues to be an embodiment of my place in time and where I find myself in this particular moment.

My paintings are a series of non-representational spaces and objects that echo a familiar environment but are not easy to pin down. They are created through fortuitous events caused by rupture and displacement of the surface, but are controlled by the decisive shapes, forms and brush marks I apply.

I want to evoke the physical presence in the painting, the engagement and freedom I have with the paint and the intuitive and visceral marking of the surface. It is through the act of painting itself and the time spent with the paintings that I uncover their subjects.

These paintings subjects derive from notions of the everyday, split second chances and the brief little moments we have the pleasure of existing within.



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