Watercolour by Des Maxwell Clark.




Framed behind glass

Dartmoor Looking West from Haytor

  • As the name implies, this is a view across Dartmoor towards the west. I climbed up to Haytor and Haytor Rocks and sketched the view in detail in pencil.

    I have used some artistic licence with the far distant hills and made the painting rather more summery than the rather grey weather when it was sketched!

  • We moved to Teignmouth in 2005 after I retired and almost immediately I started painting the local landscapes. I have always enjoyed drawing and painting but had not until then had the time to develop my love of this medium further.


    Teignmouth is bounded by steep hills and is set at the mouth of the River Teign which rises some 31 miles (50 km) west on Dartmoor. The seaside location of the town, the surrounding hills, the tidal estuary of the Teign and the majestic granite outcrops of Dartmoor are a constant source of inspiration for my work.


    I have a preference for painting in watercolour as it lends itself to working outdoors where minimal equipment is an advantage.


    Most of my finished work is done back at the studio but preliminary sketches and rough painting on site provide a much better appreciation of the atmosphere and emotional appeal of the landscape.

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