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Torbay Youth Trust Celebrates Young Carers’ Work

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

A remotely delivered series of workshops will bring together young carers from across Torbay to create a giant ‘Wheel of Love’, an art piece inspired by the spiritual mandala style, that will celebrate the important role they play in supporting loved ones.

Torbay Youth Trust commissioned the project with the support of Artizan Collective CIC following another successful series of creative workshops run during the first lockdown with Participate Arts. The new call sought ambitious proposals that could work flexibly given current uncertainty but still offer a meaningful and valuable experience for the young people the Trust supports.

Caring, nurturing and compassion are behaviours found throughout all the natural world including many animal and bird species. The ‘Wheel of Love’ project, which will be delivered by visual artist and designer Shiraaz Ali, presents an opportunity for the young carers Torbay Youth Trust supports to explore their evolving role in a positive, fulfilling and collective way.

The project is based on the Mandala, a pattern believed to be created using sacred geometry which guides the very atoms that make us and the solar system that we inhabit. The ‘Wheel of Love’ is inspired by the dedication, compassion and unconditional love inherent in caring in all its forms.

Each participant will receive a panel that forms a part of the Mandala whole and materials with which to decorate it. Through guided sessions, they’ll be given the opportunity to explore different materials, techniques and styles, before applying what they learn to their panel, with the opportunity to express their experiences through this creative outlet. All the panels will then be brought together to form a one and half metre wide mandala style wheel, which will go on display at Artizan Gallery and tour to other venues, before finding a permanent display with the Trust.

The project has also secured the support of South Devon College and the South Devon Marine Academy who will be constructing the panels and framework that the young carers will decorate.

Workshops will be delivered throughout March with the final showcase planned for later in the year outside of lockdown to provide an opportunity to share and celebrate the stories of these incredible young people. To follow the project, visit

Jo Morrell, Director of the Youth Trust: “We are so excited to be working closely with Artizan on this, and other art projects which celebrate the creativity of our wonderful Young Carers. We are very grateful for the opportunity this partnership gives us to focus on hope and celebration in what has been a very difficult time for them.”

Shiraaz Ali, Workshop Leader, Visual Artist and Designer: “During these challenging times that many people are going through especially young people, I believe that we must aim towards spreading love, kindness and compassion to all through artistic practices or via any other means. I believe that the ‘Wheel of Love’ project for Torbay young carers presents the ability for them to be able to explore their evolving caring role in a positive, fulfilling and collective way.”

Jacob Brandon, Director Artizan Collective CIC: “The opportunity to help commission this project is one we are thrilled to have been a part of. The value access to art can play in young peoples’ lives is immeasurable, and Torbay Youth Trust’s vision to bring this into their work supporting carers is to be celebrated.”

The project is funded by the Imagine This Torbay Partnership.


Torbay Youth Trust

Home of Torbay’s Young Carers Service and Youth Service

At Torbay Youth Trust we believe in children and young people. We have a passionate commitment to them and a belief in their creativity, capacity for change and unique contribution to the world.

Our work is all about building supportive relationships of trust with children, young people and families in Torbay

We are a team of dedicated people with lots of experience and a shared belief in supporting children and young people to live fulfilling lives.

“Positive relationships are at the heart of positive outcomes”

Contact for additional information: Teresa Mikalauskas,

Artizan Collective CIC

Artizan Collective CIC is a not for profit Social Enterprise dedicated to the advancement of arts and culture in Torbay, supporting wider engagement and greater accessibility to arts for our communities, through the provision of opportunities, resources, spaces and networks for creatives of all practices in a sustainable and resilient manner.

Currently hosted at Fleet Walk in the Artizan Collective Gallery, the Collective is providing a vibrant creative hub delivering opportunities for artists and audiences living and working in the Bay, as well as contributing to the English Riviera's cultural tourism offer. The venue currently runs a year-round visual arts programme which supports artists of all disciplines and experiences, including students and emerging artists, by creating affordable exhibition opportunities, awards and bursaries. In addition, a programme of community workshops, artist studios, and production spaces are in development in partnership with other independent creatives and local cultural organisations.

Through this activity we aim to improve the perception of Torbay's cultural offer, showcasing and connecting the creative stakeholders contributing to the sector and signposting audiences from this prominent location, to the areas hidden gems.

The organisation currently consists of two directors and a small group of key stakeholders and partners who support and deliver work, as well as an invested community of artists and creatives. Artizan Gallery supports the work of Artizan Collective CIC through the sharing of resources and promotional activities.

Contact for additional information: Jacob Brandon,

Shiraaz Ali

I am a visual artist, architecture graduate and designer based in Yorkshire, UK. My work process is rooted in a simple admiration for nature; from the cells that form our physical bodies to the sacred geometry guiding our solar system and universe. The intention through all my mediums of work is to capture fleeting, intangible and metaphysical moments and suspend them in time.

Through my artwork and architectural practice I aim to respect, enhance and pay gratitude to our environment. I work sustainably and eco-friendly in order to better our communities and the places we call home.

I believe that In order to grow together we must ignore our differences and instead celebrate our similarities to create a brighter, healthier and peaceful future.



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