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Time and Tide

I am delighted to be participating in a group exhibition later this month at the South Gate Gallery in Exeter. My fellow exhibitors will be painter Danny Stone and Ceramicists, Sara Evans and Laurel Keeley.

Jayne’s exhibited work will feature landscape paintings that look for a connection of energy between the sky, water, and earth, showing the viewer the power running through the layers of the scene, not just what we see at ground level, but exploring the energy beneath our feet. ‘It is how the light and water feed this energy which in turn keeps the life cycle going’.

The exhibition opens on 15th March and runs until 11th April.

There will be an exhibition launch on Wednesday 15th March 6.30-8.30pm - All Welcome

Tues-Friday 10am–5pm Sat 10am–3pm

South Gate Gallery, 64 South Street, Exeter EX1 1EE



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