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It's in the South-West: Exhibition!

It’s in Torquay, to be more precise, at the Artizan Gallery, to be most precise! And I am in it, and the Private View is tonight! February seems to become my exhibition-month, as I was in the last exhibition last year February. That was with “Traditions” in the Art Pavillion, now it’s “The Art of You”.

“The Art of You” is about our art-process as artists, it’s an explorative and a personal show. So I love that, as I always combine the inside and the outside– and not surprisingly, for me it’s a psychogeographic art process. It is psychogeographic exactly because it allows me to do what I instinctively have done: combine inner and outer worlds. This inner/outer combination, the inner: personal/psychic, and the outer: place/space/geography/public/political. It’s an approach, too, where things are spaces, with angles, perspectives, forms, shapes, with lines, circles, edges, and bridges over boundaries, hinterland and unconscious. This interplay can be sheer beauty, but it can also be tense, highlighting injustice for example. So it’s here where the stories are that I want to show, write, tell.

Story spaces These story-spaces range from the magical to the political, so there’s a desire, or even a need, for an identification and recognition of these stories and engagement with them. You can read or see this in my contributions to this exhibition.

I look forward to the other artists’ contributions to the show, there’ll be an interesting dialogue in our work I can imagine. It’s all very exciting as we all don’t know who the other artists are, so we’ll all be in for a thrilling surprise! So let’s go and see!

Private View is tonight –which would have been my grandmother’s 108th birthday. I’ll miss the pv but will go there later, and to the sea! The show is on until the 2nd March. The Gallery is at nr 7, Lucius Street, right in the middle between Torre and Torquay train stations – i.e. between hill and harbour! Opening times are 12 – 6, Monday to Saturday.

Enjoy the space, the show, the place, the private view – or any other viewing afterwards!



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