Lee Pover

Geopark Ambassador Artist

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Reality & Imagination

Ceramic artist Lee Pover, hails from the picturesque fishing town of Brixham. Part of a family of great sailors, she is found regularly out on the open water or else exploring the hard to reach corners of the Torbay coastline.

​It is from these sources that both the inspiration and materials for her work are gathered as she creates nautical themed mixed media works combining handmade ceramics with the bountiful rewards of beachcombing trips with her family. Driftwood, flotsam and other odd bits cast ashore by the south-westerlies that hit our hidden coves and expansive beaches come together, to create wall hangings and freestanding sculptural works which capture the essence of Torbay's marine environment, Brixham's nautical history and the coastal life we witness across the English Riviera.

"Living by the water, I have great respect for the strength and influence that the sea has on our coast and surroundings."

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