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Journey Through Devon

Exploring The Landscape
Virtual Tour
Oct 5, 2021

Artizan Collective CIC

Oct 17, 2021

Capturing The Changing Light And Colour Of The Landscape

Journey Through Devon

Journey Through Devon

Reflecting A Strong Bond With The Landscape

Looking Deeper Into The Landscape

Artizan is delighted to welcome back Simon Fowler once again, this time to the Artizan Collective Gallery for a showcase of over 80 of his Devon landscape paintings.

The exhibition features a collection of work that Simon has produced since moving to Devon five years ago, during which time he has painted veraciously, inspired by the moorland, coastline and rural idyl that surrounded him. Painting with a representational style, he produces stunning expansive scenes, pushing his colour expression to capture seemingly impossible moments of tone and light that may only be glimpsed for a moment in these constantly changing landscapes.

“My main objective in composing a painting, is to express colour without restraint and continually look to push some of my colour expression as far as I dare, whilst staying true to what I see. It is possible to stand in the landscape for sometimes only minutes, to experience vast changes in light and colour, which also changes mood and atmosphere.” Simon Fowler.

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