Mixed Media by Martin Dutton SWAc


Mixed Media on board


Framed in an Open, Handmade Gold Frame Made out of Wood


Salute Pageant, Venice

  • Born in Staffordshire, Martin Dutton worked in Yorkshire, and was a Head of Department at Bradford College. He exhibited widely in the North of England in both solo and group exhibitions, until retiring from education in 1996 when he moved to Devon to focus on painting.


    Out of the many complex reasons for painting pictures, one of the essential motivating factors for me is concerned with the physical handling of paint – satisfying the compulsive need to brush, scrape and push paint around over a surface, trying to manipulate pigment to create shapes, colours and textures which combine into visual poetry. Whatever the visual idea I am dealing with, be it representational or abstract, there is always  a consistent commonality in this compulsive painting process.


    My work is multi-faceted as every human being is. I am interested in many aspects of the visual arts and throughout my life I have worked on different ‘themes’ (different starting points and final aims). I work on an individual theme over a period of time for as long as the creative flow is alive or until the activity is interrupted by life’s events and personal circumstances ( family matters, health problems, the death of a loved one, change of environment – we are all subject to such things ). After the interruption I will often return to a previous theme which will, in turn, follow its own unpredictable time scale. These themes exist in parallel, they revolve around the fulcrum of my personal psyche and emerge, in their turn, into creative action.


    The two groups of paintings exhibited in this collection represent two aspects of his painting activity; firstly, his interest in  quasi-geometric, “controlled” abstraction as seen in his linear acrylics theme and secondly intuitive abstraction which can be seen in his Venice series.


    Martin Dutton is an elected member of the South West Academy,  President of the Teignmouth Art Society and Vice-President of the Devon Art Society.


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