Nicola Noble

Geopark Ambassador Artist

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Reality & Imagination

For Nicola Noble, nature is a constant inspiration for her art.

​Having completed a three-year BA (Hons) degree in 2017 at Plymouth College of Art specialising in ceramics, Nicola continues to evolve and refine her work. The landscape, hedgerows, cliffs and beaches near to the River Teign where she lives, and further afield around the coast of Tor Bay, provide an endless source of ideas and stimulation.

Initial work involved slip cast porcelain decorated with coloured slips and glazes, graduating onto experimentation with porcelain paper clay forms, oxides and inclusions found during exploration of these landscapes. More recently, Nicola has expanded her practice by trying out different methods of hand-building using a variety of clays, to create forms which express an affinity and affection for all things generally regarded by society to be deficient or marred and to illustrate that nature has something to offer us all.

​"I am constantly excited by and drawn to what many perceive to be nature's imperfections and try to communicate my vision of perfection and beauty in form, surface texture and decoration."

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