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South West Masters

Lenkiewicz, Homeshaw & Slater
Virtual Tour
Jan 21, 2022
28th January
18:00 - 21:00

Artizan Gallery

Feb 12, 2022

Curated by Artizan Gallery and Stephen Barrett

South West Masters

South West Masters

Artizan Gallery’s inaugural 2022 show opens their calendar with a showcase of work from names that have defined the South West art landscape: Robert Lenkiewicz, Arthur Homeshaw and Richard Slater.

Headlining the relaunch show in their Main Gallery, is Robert Oscar Lenkiewicz with a selection of originals, lithographs, and limited and open edition giclee prints kindly provided from a number of collections. Alongside these works is a unique presentation of the artists palettes, secured and having been authenticated as being, from his Barbican based studio. These feature pieces have been meticulously prepared and treated to enliven the original colours of the oils with Windsor and Newton’s Liquin, an artist’s fixing agent that will preserve the works for years to come.

Two names that are perhaps less infamous but equally significant to the region are Arthur Homeshaw R.W.A and Richard Slater R.I. Whilst these artists may not have had the notorious public persona that Lenkiewicz became known for, Homeshaw’s mastery of linocuts and Slater’s proficiency in watercolour, has ensured that their works are keystones in the Westcountry canon.
The exhibition runs from 21st January to 12th February, with a wine tasting and exhibition viewing on 28th January, 18:00-21:00. To book a place at the celebratory evening visit

Exhibiting Artists