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The Garden Salon

Evolving Open Exhibition
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Jan 1, 2018
1st January

Artizan Gallery

Dec 31, 2018

The Garden Salon

The Garden Salon

A Unique Exhibition

...our biggest open project to date.

Artizan Gallery has always striven to to offer accessible exhibition opportunities that welcome as broad a variety of artists as possible, both from the local area and further afield. As the Gallery has grown, increasing demand on our main space has meant our open exhibitions have reduced in number over the years as artists approach us to curate their own group and solo shows.

So, in 2018, to ensure we continue to meet the needs of all artists, we have launched The Artizan Garden Salon, our biggest open project to date. This new exhibition model welcomes artists to submit work on an affordable monthly subscription to bring together a showcase of individual works from as many artists as possible. Whilst our main exhibition space offers in depth study of solo artists or small groups, the Garden Gallery will now offer original works from up to 100 artists at a time, giving our audience the chance to experience a diverse range of art all under one roof.

Exhibiting Artists