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English Riviera Summer Open Exhibition 2021

Art on the English Riviera
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Jul 6, 2021

Artizan Collective CIC

Aug 29, 2021

A Full Eight Weeks of Art

English Riviera Summer Open Exhibition 2021

English Riviera Summer Open Exhibition 2021

The annual English Riviera Summer Open Exhibition returns for another year.

After a year of interruption, we've already kicked off 2021 with some wonderful exhibitions at the Artizan Collective Gallery that have captivated audiences, but the Summer Open is probably our most anticipated calendar offer, and with a record number of submissions this year the task of selecting has been extremely tough. We have now made those final selections and will be bringing to the venue a show that will be rich, diverse and not to be missed.

Despite considerable upheaval, both our Summer and Winter Open exhibitions were able to run last year, and even though it was reduced to just 3 of its intended 8 week run, the English Riviera Winter Open secured record sales for our annual open series. And with the South West now in a considerably better position than it was at the end of 2020, our Summer Open promises to be a big event for the region.

This year the exhibition runs earlier to take maximum advantage of the peak tourist season, running throughout July and August for a full 8 weeks.

Exhibiting Artists