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English Riviera Print Exhibition

Celebrating the World of Printmaking
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Mar 5, 2022

Artizan Collective CIC

Apr 10, 2022

English Riviera Print Exhibition

English Riviera Print Exhibition

Stop The Press!

An Exploration of Printmaking Practice

The English Riviera Print Exhibition celebrates the diverse nature of printmaking in all its forms. From linocut to etching, cyanotype to monoprint, woodblock to lithographs, the exhibiting artists all demonstrate the unique results that are achieved through the various explorations of an artform that is hundreds of years old.

Distinct from reproduction prints, every work is original and handmade; each process is a unique practice in its own right, requiring vastly different skills and producing vastly different styles of work. Each edition of a print is the result of the artist’s hand and is therefore made individual through this human input.

In this showcase you will discover the wonderful world of print interpreted by artists from across the UK and beyond, each an example of the stunning work a skilled hand reveals when turned to this exciting and highly collectible medium.

We shall also be welcoming Double Elephant to the gallery who will be running printmaking workshops during the exhibition.

Exhibiting Artists