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Devon Open Studios 2020

A cornucopia of art on offer across Devon
Virtual Tour
Sep 12, 2020

Artizan Gallery

Sep 27, 2020

The annual keystone event in the Devon calendar is confirmed for 2020 with 200+ studios to explore

Devon Open Studios 2020

Devon Open Studios 2020

Celebrating Devon Open Studios across two venues

An Annual Staple

We are sure that we are not alone in being delighted that despite recent uncertainty, that Devon Open Studios 2020 will be going ahead, with the significance of this annual event increased in light of the prolonged closure of cultural organisations. That this keystone event in the Devon calendar is able to continue, is a massively positive step in the region’s recovery.

As with previous years, the event promises to showcase a diverse range of talented studios and artists from across the county, and our own offer this year is something we feel is worth getting excited about. We are delighted to be hosting the winner of the Joanna Radford Prize for Excellence, William Mills, where our newly opened basement gallery will be transformed into his studio space from which he will be working during the event.

Joining William, we shall also be showing works of esteemed Devon artists Richard Slater R.I. and Arthur Homeshaw R.W.A, as well as unique curated sculptural event in what we’re calling the Sculpture Studio, in which we will welcome nine accomplished artists working in various mediums and producing at the height of their field. These nine artists are: Ezra Bailey, Kate Lyons-Miller, David Newman, Rose Ellis, Bev Knowlden, Brendan Rawlings, Eilean Eland, Gesche Buecker and Elisabeth Hadley.

Running alongside this exhibition, down at our sister venue on Fleet Walk, the Artizan Collective will host the annual English Riviera Summer Open with over 100 works on display from Devon Open Studios participants as well as those in Devon who aren’t able to participate in the event this year given the challenges faced.

Follow links below for more information on each exhibition.

Exhibiting Artists

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