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Diana Booth

Landscape Artist

Contemporary Energetic Style

“I have lived in Modbury in the South Hams, Devon for many years. Some time ago, after a career in teaching, I returned to painting with renewed vision and energy exploring a vibrant approach to painting. The landscape and coastal areas close by are incredibly beautiful filling me with awe and inspiration to paint. Visits to my daughter and young family in New Zealand have also provided me with amazing experiences where the wild coastlines are a wonderful stimulus to me as a painter. Whether at home or abroad the effect of constantly changing light on sea and landscapes evokes strong emotions which I then attempt to express in my art.

I enjoy painting other subjects from the natural world - bunches of flowers gathered from the garden, gannets seen in New Zealand, gulls fishing at a local cove and recently I have followed up some life drawing sessions by creating abstracted paintings ‘From a Moving Model.’

Delighting in the flexibility, malleability and rich colour of oil paint I paint in a contemporary energetic style. I enjoy using a palette knife and experimenting with various ways of applying the paint to achieve the desired effect: knives, brushes, rags and fingers all come into play! My work evolves as I constantly strive to capture the essence of my subject.

I have exhibited several times with a printmaker and textile artist calling ourselves ‘3 Media Mix’.

In recent years I have exhibited at the Ariel Centre in Totnes, Harbour House in Kingsbridge, The Barn Gallery at Greenway National Trust (solo), SHAF Arts Trail, The Loft Studio at Salcombe Art Club, Bistro One in Plymouth (solo) , The First Floor at Avon Mill, Birdwood House in Totnes, The Flavel at Dartmouth (solo), Salcombe Contemporary Art Fair and the RAMM Gallery, Exeter.

During Spring and Summer 2016 I was a resident artist at The Gallery Studio, Dartington."


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