Digital Painting by artist David Cowell.


Chorratinta (Lightfast Inks on Watercolour Paper)

Framed 60x44cm

Original 1/1

Point of Focus

  • David Cowell was born and educated in Torquay and has spent the majority of his life in Devon.  Following a five-year joinery apprenticeship and military service, David gained a place at St Luke’s College at Exeter University to qualify as a Fine Art teacher.  A new government initiative thirteen years later saw him seconded from his role as a Deputy Headteacher to develop the use of computers in education; this led David to explore the possibilities of producing works of art with a computer – initially with only four colours to fill in with, pixel by pixel.


    Having been at the forefront of digital art technology for nearly three decades, David Cowell has honed the skills necessary to produce masterfully composed and sensually coloured works, marrying traditional painting techniques with the versatility of digital art.  His work has sold to collectors in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, America and New Zealand, garnering a loyal following worldwide.  David Cowell works are all originals, and are printed on archive-quality paper designed to last 200 years in his own studio.

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