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The Case of the Mysterious Photograph...

Here at Artizan it's fair to say we've had a number of unusual encounters over the years. We're happy to say that our little gallery welcomes people from all walks of life, and as far as we're concerned, if you're a little bit quirky, you'll probably fit right in! But today, a new mystery presented itself in what we're calling, "The Case of the Mysterious Photograph."

We'd been in the gallery for a few hours having had a couple of early meetings when something caught my eye.

Can you see it?

How about now? We certainly couldn't remember having a sign up there, and on closer inspection it looked like it might be a clip frame. Time for some investigating!

Out into the rain and sure enough, a clip frame it was, tucked above our door - no easy feat, it's quite high up! Luckily, I've got the reach for it so down comes our mysterious gift which turns out to be a little photo. In its simple clip frame sits a small seascape, edited with a yellow/blue colour filter, looking down from the rocks to the open water.

But where did it come from? There's no signature, no note, we even checked inside the clip frame for clues but no, nothing there either. A mystery photo from a mystery photographer. Who could it be? Maybe we'll have a look at our CCTV, but perhaps, that might spoil the fun. For now, we know just what to do...



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