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Speakeasy Torquay brings you Blazing Flame Quintet 31st January

Blazing Flame Quintet are among the most original of the new wave of bands in the UK. Live they are Big Music and visceral in delivery. They are centred around the story-songs of Steve Day – behind him are a bass/drum team that ‘speak’ the power of subtle funk to rhythm. Mark Langford on tenor sax/bass clarinet has a phenomenal improv sound that can ignite a club. He’s partnered by Peter Evans’ “stunning” electric violin. On one level they slice jazz, go higher and they are dark theatre, at the core BFQ are a great night out for the head, heart and body. Rigobert Dittman called them “an alchemical flame.” A highpoint evening guaranteed.


“... hugely impressive..... (the audience) really enjoyed the challenge of your music and performance...(and) came away raving about the band.” Geraldine Hill-Male, Chew Valley Arts Project (2017)

“I am repeatedly listening to the latest Blazing Flame CD – it is mind-blowing. Previous albums by Steve Day were really good too, but the band have topped themselves with this one. The blending of the music, vocals, poetry really works. It is a joy to listen to from beginning to end. Suits my mood too! Like David Lynch and David Byrne hurled into the twilight zone. In an ideal world, such a project/record should be number one. I hope to catch them live someday…… Glad such records are being made. It is very pleasing and healthy on the mind and heart.” David Cristol, (The Jazz Magazine) 2017, France.



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