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‘Don’t Panic Mr. Mainwaring!'

TOADS @The Little Theatre, the creators of exceptional Torbay entertainment and one of South Devon’s treasures, have again pulled out all the stops to bring to you a cavalcade of new and inspirational performances throughout 2023/2024. First in the line-up is Dad’s Army:

It’s 1941 and the sound of marching feet is echoing around the theatre. Three episodes of the perennial TV favourite Dad’s Army are rehearsed and ready to have you laughing in your seats.The episodes have been adapted for the stage by the original writers, David Croft and Jimmy Perry, and include all of the well-loved characters.

The Director, Julie Hancocks, says ‘We have 22 actors who have been working hard on this production for a while, and we have had so many laughs during rehearsal. We are now ready to share our fun with the audience. The actors have tried their utmost to capture the essence of the characters they are portraying. We also have one or two surprises up our sleeves to transport the audience back to 1941.’ ‘Put that light out!’ ‘Were doomed. Doomed!’

‘Dad’s Army’ is written by Jimmy Perry& David Croft. Directed by Julie Hancocks.

Further information for all 2023/24 shows in the forthcoming season can be found on the TOADS website:

Dad’s Army. A Comedy. Mon 7th August to Sat 19th August

Also included in the 2023/2024 line-up are:

Genesis Visible Touch: The ‘Shapes’ Album @ 40 Tour – Sunday October 1st 2023

Early booking is advisable.

Some of the Platoon guarding the War Memorial at the Little Theatre.

L-R Private Walker (Gary Hobbs); Lance Corporal Jones (Clive Nyquist); Private Pike (Charlie Wilkins); Sergeant Wilson (Nick Hewlitt) and Captain Mainwaring (Chris Mitchell).



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