Natural World, Naturally Inspiring

Rose Elliott is an artist and designer specialising in hand painted textiles. A graduate of Winchester School of Art, texture and colour have always been intrinsic to her work. Now living in Torbay, she primarily takes inspiration from the beaches and sea but also from her garden and surrounding countryside.

Before moving, she lived in London where she ran her own design business in Camden for 20 years, producing hand dyed silks and hand painted fabrics and garments. These were often in the form of one-off paintings, designed as a garment and wrapped around the client as a continuous image, with commissions in London, New York and L.A.

Now Rose uses the same techniques as a visual art form; using disperse dyes in the 3 primary colours plus black, she paints onto watercolour paper before sublimating the piece onto fabric. Often a 3D detail is added to the work - maybe the fin of a fish, a flower petal or a trail of seaweed - created separately and sewn onto the painting.