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Beach Hut Culture Update: June 2018

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

It’s Summer everyone and that means its time for a big announcement from us; The Artizan Summer Open, is back!

Thanks to the kind sponsorship of London based Edinburgh House Estates this year our biggest annual open will be going out on tour and rather than being hosted at the gallery we’ll be in the thick of it on the Torquay high street. So, you’ll be able to find us on the lower level of Fleet Walk towards the harbour in the old Laura Ashley building which was most recently the home of Weird Fish. It’s a pretty large venue and we anticipate we’ll be hosting in excess of 100 local and national artists with our completely unrestricted open accepting applications from any and all mediums. So far, we’ve got everything from ceramics, to landscapes, to photography, to sculpture, and pretty much everything in between you could imagine!

If you’re an artist, submissions are open until June 15th, and if you’d like to be a part of the open full details can be found at art-hub.co.uk/summeropen2018. For collectors, the best way to keep in the loop as we countdown to the opening on July 6th is to make sure your signed up to our newsletter which you can do at the same link! We’re working with some great partners to make this exhibition a huge success so please spread the word, signup, like, tweet, share and generally go out and shout about this incredible celebration of our visual artists!

Meanwhile, this month we’re excited to welcome artist Sue Luxton to Artizan with her exhibition of works inspired by a recent trip to a Greek Island in the Dodecanese. The exhibition launches June 1st so if you’re lucky enough to have an early copy of the Beach Hut, why not join us for Cocktails and Conversation with speaker Carolyn Custerson (full details at art-hub.co.uk/june2018).

And that’s all we’ve got time for in this month’s culture round-up, but this is by no means the full picture of June in the Bay. Head over to www.art-hub.co.uk where we’ve added loads of new events from now until the end of the year and remember to get the Artizan Summer Open 2018 in your calendars!

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