Greek Island Retreat

2nd June - 22nd June

Works of Sue Luxton

"A day without drawing or painting can seem to be a day wasted"

Unique Energy

Devon artist Sue Luxton joins Artizan Gallery in June for an exhibition of recent works based on drawings made on a small Greek Island in the Dodecanese, a destination often visited.


Painting now for over 20 years Sue produces scenes captured in sketchbooks from her travels, often recalling scenes for a work many years after they were first drawn. Some observations, people in particular, are revisited time and time again. Subjects and lives from London, New York Tokyo and many other cities reside in these pages, waiting to be found at the right moment.

Capturing the energy of a space through this process is critical to Sue, achieved through the right balance of shape and colour. Oils, pastels and other media are called upon, dictated by the subject of the piece. Each has a unique energy, colours selected carefully to offer a vocabulary of serenity or rush, heat or cool, expanse or confinement.

The exhibition will also feature ceramic works of Tim Luxton.

2nd June - 22nd June

June Exhibition

Sue Luxton

Cocktail Launch: 1st June // 18:30-20:30

Artist Preview: 2nd June // 18:00-20:00

Sue Luxton

“A day without drawing or painting, making marks or just looking at work in progress, can seem to be a day wasted. Through life’s uncertainties the one thing that can be relied upon is the pleasure and frustration, of placing together the most perfect shapes and colour within a painting.”


At the University of the West of England Sue chose a degree in Illustration rather than Fine Art. This gave her the opportunity to explore more figurative topics and enjoy printmaking and other mediums. Here she discovered Max Beckman, Stanley Spencer Maggi Hambling and Mary Fedden all of whom still bring inspiration for one reason or another, all these years later.

Her work has become more refined over the years and now she paints mainly in oils and occasionally prints small editions of black and white monoprints for the sheer joy of it.


Sue is passionate about drawing and the necessity to draw to gain an understanding of the subject, not just its function but its soul too. Her sketchbooks are the first things she would save in a fire!  All her paintings are developed from drawings made from the “everyday” and from time spent in Europe as well as travels in Japan and more recently America.


The current series of paintings are based on drawings made on a small Greek Island in the Dodecanese. A destination often visited. The bright light produces clear, flat images of the landscape and buildings and when it’s not too hot, the shapes of people sitting in the shade or completing everyday tasks. Adding figures to a composition produces a narrative, which gives a painting another layer of meaning.


Sue describes her day-to-day painting method as problem solving. Finding the drawing that makes the heart leap and then developing it into this unattainable composition of perfect shapes and colours.

Tim Luxton

This is the second time that Tim has exhibited his pots alongside his wife Sue.


They moved to Devon about four years ago and he started attending lessons with their local potter Michael Taylor at Lone Ash Pottery, Ashwater.


His progress was astonishing! He immediately clicked into his experience in his teens. Since then he has been working with Michael at every opportunity.


He has developed a range of utilitarian stoneware, which also happens to be stylish, too.  The shapes of the noodle bowls are reminiscent of those he bought when visiting Japan, some years ago.  The strong black, white and red design gives a nod to contemporary 1950’s design.


The collection for this exhibition shows fruit bowls, noodle bowls, mugs and jugs.

The Works

Browse selected works from our upcoming June Exhibition, available to purchase now.