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Beach Hut Culture Update: July 2017

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

Despite continued efforts made by the weather to the contrary, it's now officially Summer! Torbay’s June Airshow confirmed this as, despite inclement weather, across the three towns turnouts were strong on promenades, beaches and balconies to enjoy the aerobatic entertainment.

This month, Artizan will be officially declaring the Summer season started as well, with the launch of the Artizan 2017 Summer Open. This annual exhibition has become the highlight of our exhibition calendar and it started completely by accident back in 2015.

Following a last-minute cancellation in September, we were struggling to find a way to quickly pull an exhibition together for the end of the Summer; having been open not much more than a year, the prospects of losing valuable show time at the height of the season was a scary thought for such a new business. Then one evening, as the chances of finding a solution were seeming less and less likely, our thoughts turned to the recently closed Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, with its 1100 works spread across four galleries from a diverse range of talented artists. And then it occurred to us, why couldn’t we do that? We’d never done an open exhibition before, this could be a good time to start!

And so, the Artizan End of Summer Open came to be. We started small, just a two-week long show. Our call time wasn’t much longer than this either, but we were still inundated with submissions to our first ever open! The exhibition has now been carried on year after year and for 2017 the show has been transformed into the Artizan Summer Open and runs for a full month at the height of the season!

As usual we’ve been overwhelmed with submissions and we’ll be showing work from a huge number of talented Torbay and Devon artists, so this month our little gallery may just be the best place to take in the talent that Torbay’s visual arts has to offer. We look forward to seeing you at the exhibition which runs from 3rd July – 29th July, with an Artist Preview on 7th July.



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